We at ‘Tuning Fork Films’ are a collective of socially oriented filmmakers, who are keen to use film as a medium for self-reflection and social change. Over the last few years we have conducted filmmaking courses across the country for a wide background of people including educators, professionals, NGO’s, schools, colleges. In our individual capacities we have made films and done workshops for Indian National Trust for Art & Cultural Heritage (INTACH), International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), Sambodhi, British Council, TERI, Vasant Valley School, Dustyfoot Productions, global poverty project etc. Our pursuit is to facilitate capacity building of the medium of film and help create socially sensitive films.




Ankit Pogula is an independent filmmaker and video trainer, based out of Delhi. An alumnus of Mass Communication and Research Centre, Jamia Millia Islamia, Ankit has been using film as a medium to engage with urban and rural youth over the last 8 years on issues of Identity, Education, Development and Environment. He has also been facilitating filmmaking workshops for different groups across India like students, teachers, professionals and NGO’s. He has been doing film workshops with organizations like British Council, TERI, PVR-NEST, Pravah, SRUTI, Vasant Valley School and is the founder of Tuning Fork Films.





Pulkita Parsai is an independent filmmaker and an alumnus of Mass Communication & Research Centre, Jamia Millia Islamia. A creative person who loves shooting and editing at a jet speed, Pulkita has worked at the Delhi CommonWealth Games 2010 and Small Screen films, which has produced some very successful shows like ‘Highway on my Plate’. Pulkita has been facilitating workshops on filmmaking and culture with various schools and colleges in Delhi and is a freelance editor.





Anshul Uniyal is an independent cinematographer and is currently pursuing Cinematography at Satyajit Ray Film & Television Institute (SRFTI), Kolkata. Anshul has worked as a camera person in New Delhi and Mumbai as part of several documentary and independent film productions. A passionate photographer and someone who zips off at the first possible moment to the hills on a bike, Anshul has also worked as a Video Editor in New Delhi.




Sumit Sisodiya is a Video Editor and Camera person based out of Delhi. He works with Dusty Foot Production, an award winning production house making Environmental & Wildlife films. Sumit over many years has shot films on Dams & Displacement, Right to Information, Education, Labor & Livelihoods, Land accusation & more recently Wildlife. He has also made films for organizations like SRUTI, Youth Collective, Abhivyakti, Manzil and others. A environment enthusiast, Sumit looks at making many more social and environmental films in the future.





Swati Khanna has been involved with EarthCare Films, an Environmental and Wildlife Production house based in Delhi for the last few years. She has also assisted on films for other organisations on Environment and Wildlife. Swati has been handling production and co-ordination for International productions like The Amazing Race and others in India and has also facilitated film workshops as part of Earth Care Outreach for PVR-NEST and others.




Shreya Kakria is a passionate photographer and avid film lover. Her love for birds and animals sometimes overpowers her love for human beings! A quiet person and a silent observer initially, you get to know her more as time goes by. Shreya has been working as an Assistant Director and handling Production at Tuning Fork Films for the past few years and facilitates film workshops as well.




Vinod Sreedhar is a music composer and a social entrepreneur based in India. Over the years, He has worked on a wide gamut of issues from social activism aimed at reducing civic apathy, to creating awareness about ecological living among the youth. He has composed music for many ads, short films and documentaries.




Sachi Maniar is a filmmaker based out of Mumbai. She has been making documentaries, music videos, TV commercials and short films since she was 18.  She was selected as a Metta Mentors Fellow 2009 at Berkley, U.S., where she made a feature length documentary on non-violence. Sachi is passionate about service, traveling, trekking and photography. Sachi has worked in Mumbai with Yash Raj Film and many ad production houses and as part of Global Rickshaw has made films for Pratham, Naaz Foundation, Friends without Borders and others.



Bhamati Sivapalan 
is a Delhi based freelance videographer & editor. She is an alumni of MCRC, Jamia Millia Islamia after which she worked as a video correspondent with tehelka.com. She is uniquely drawn to the audio-visual medium, which is perhaps why she is yet to drift away from the happy circumstance of being a video professional. On most good days, she would love nothing better than teaching editing to fellow enthusiasts in sleepy hill towns.