These are a selection of films made as part of the Tuning Fork Film Workshops.

Participants learn to Script, Shoot, Edit and Export their own films during the course of the workshop.

Guche (June 2019)

Gharat (June 2019)

Gangtalking (April 2018)

Head Over Peels (June 2017)

Fear (June 2017)

Degree Baba (November 2016)

D-Day (November 2016)

Chhoti Si Aasha (May 2016)

Gangster Mamu (May 2016)

The Monk Who Fell In Love (June 2015)

The Making (June 2015)

King of Good Times (November 2014)

UNDO (November 2014)

Belonging (August 2014)

Rumination (April 2014)